Friday, February 12, 2010

Wonder how many will see this? A year in a paragraph or maybe more.

Well, dang a whole year has passed since my last post. So much to talk about. Last April I ran my first marathon in Oklahoma City. It was an awesome accomplishment and just an amazing experience, and when we got back to the hotel I said I was ready to do it again!

However, we also wanted to have another child, so we had talked about the time frame of getting pregnant in August and low and behold it happend. I continued running while being pregnant. At 10 weeks I ran a good half marathon in Kansas City, MO, and felt great even with all the hills!

Levi entered the 4th grade!!! I can't believe how old I am getting! Ethan turned 2 in Oct., it also became 2 years since dad had passed away. It still feels like yesterday.

I also finished up a 6hr semester at Butler County Community College and graduated in Dec!!! It is nice to finally say that I graduated from College. I got my diploma in the mail, but they only walk for graduation once a year and that is May 15th. The day after baby Evie is due. I figure as long as there are no complications even if she is born the day before and we are in the hospital the 24 hrs that are needed I will be walking! So I may need some aunts to come visit for graduation so she is occupied during the ceremony!

So Levi is in basketball again this year and it is fun to see him improve. Last week he got fouled and made the first shot, the second one rolled along the rim till it fell off, and a couple games ago he made the first shot of the game!! We are getting ready tomorrow to celebrate his 10th birthday! I cannot believe that, he is in double digits now, and only 3 yrs till a teen! Hopefully I will keep my hair, even though daily I notice a new grey one.

Lillie will be turning 4 next month, but is going on 16. She can be a challange, and hoping that Evie will help bring her down a notch, not being the only princess now! She is anxious and ready to start school, but I can't imagine my days without her at home.

Well, if you have made it through this post I am surprised and hopefully you are not on the floor or trying to call 911 due to the heart attack. I do keep busy and update more on facebook nowadays, but thought for a year anniversary it would be fun to update my blog. So take care and see ya on facebook.


Doodles said...

HEY!!!!!! Get me oxygen I'm havin a heart attack......jkd
Thanks for the update did you see my last post on your year ago one???
And this Aunt would love to come keep little Evie busy while you get your diploma at the ceremony in May.

gmadxe said...

Nice post, Amy. Let's not wait a whole year again, huh?????
Was nice to "talk" to ya earlier today. Would be nice if we can come see you soon!
I should be in Wichita the weekend of April 14th. Cory's jazz band will be performing in Halstead & Newton...then on to Branson. Hope it all works out for me to be able to come for that.